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We are making the symbol of Palestine. This scarf is the history and the heritage of our country.
— Yasser Hirbawi

The Hirbawi Textile Factory in Hebron (al-Khalil) Palestine is the only remaining kufiya factory in Palestine. Unfortunately, while kufiyas have become a popular fashion accessory around the world, the last remaining kufiya factory in Palestine is struggling to survive.

Yasser Hirbwai, the founder of the factory, explained that imports from China and other nations has proved to be too competitive. When once the factory produced more than 1,000 scarves daily, today they produce less than 100.

Threads of Palestine maintains an inventory of Hirbawi Original kufiyas in the United States in an effort to support the Hirbawi factory and to make the Palestinian made kufiyas more accessible and affordable to customers in the United States and the Americas.

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