Threads of Palestine is proud to have partnered with iMPACT ( 

a non profit organization "dedicated to aid those impacted by war, poverty & natural disasters in the east."

"The Women Initiative Project objectives is aimed at providing various methodologies to enhance the social, and economic welfare of women and single mothers who are now the bread winners of their homes, this would be accomplished by improving opportunities for them to increase their skills, productivity, and income. This would be done by providing entrepreneurial training and workforce development by creation of programs designed to empower single mothers and women economically, thereby improving the quality of their supply chains while enhancing their access to talent and increasing the productivity of their workforce. Training facilities would include but not be limited to training women on how to sew, so they can earn a living by selling to stores, distribution centers, etc., Provision of English course training, basic office support and administrative functions, BLS/CPR training, résumé building, job placement, vocational training, woodworking, communication, childcare, computer training, medical education at local mosques, basic life support and CPR, self-°defense, empowerment classes, counseling, motivational classes, and more..."

Threads of Palestine sells iMPACT products which are created in Palestine by women involved in iMPACTS's women's initiative. 100% of proceeds from sales of iMPACT labelled products go back to the women involved in the initiative. You can find iMPACT products on our main page.